About the Book
Buddhist Practice on Western Ground provides a fresh look at Buddhist meditation and practice. It is the first book for a mainstream audience to use a cross-cultural framework to render Buddhist meditation practice more comprehensible in the context of traditional Buddhist teachings on love, anger, attachment, and self.

These are some of the most rewarding and profound teachings of Buddhism and, for Western students, they have also been some of the most difficult to understand and challenging to put into practice. In Buddhist Practice on Western Ground, these commonly misunderstood and too often ignored teachings are revealed as rich sources of psychological and spiritual guidance. Readers will learn how to calm their minds, deepen their compassion, substantially improve their communication skills, especially in regard to the expression of anger, understand the spiritual significance of nonattachment and ways to cultivate it, and clearly grasp the liberating meaning of Buddhist teachings on selfhood. The book provides the framework for developing a meaningful and rewarding daily spiritual practice.