Personal note:

I am interested in facilitating individuals finding their voice and optimizing their personal experience. With twenty years in the field as a therapist, supervisor, and teacher, I particularly focus on individuals with life exploration issues and couples in resolving distress and optimizing intimacy with deep interest in enhancing the meaning individuals experience in their lives. I support individual's spiritual growth in a way that is responsive to their inclinations. I am not a silent, listener but an active co-creator of therapeutic relationship.

Brief Background:  I pursued professional psychotherapeutic training at the Boston University School of Social Work from 1982 to 1984. I earned a Masters in Social Work, focusing on psychodynamic and self-psychology, family therapy, chemical dependency, and group therapy. During this period I also began my own  therapy, which served as an experiential touchstone for much of the material in Buddhist Practice on Western Ground .(Shambhala, 2004).